Shedding light on love and relationships

The millennial generation has a hard time being intimate and being vulnerable. Whether it is talking in hushed voices among our closest friends about our recent weekend encounters or silently considering our past relationships, both good and bad, how we view our experiences with love and lust aren’t talked enough or shared enough in society. 

In this issue, a survey about love and sex reveals that people have many different views on what encompasses a relationship. While some students enjoy taking part in the hookup culture, other students value being in steady relationships, with people on campus and off campus. Our definition of a modern relationship and what we want from a relationship has certainly shifted from the time our parents were students.

Some of our issues stem from our problems with perception. While many people feel pressure to hook up with other students while under the influence of alcohol, this inevitably creates more problems related to consent and violation that may result from such an encounter.     

Other students feel the strain during their pursuit of romance, and worry that their relationship priorities are uncommon in today’s society.

How can things shift so that everyone feels better about sex and love? The school can take a more direct approach on sex education. People need to be proactive about how they feel, and create a conversation in our community about eliminating the blurred lines related to relationships, sex, and consent. As personal counselorKathy Butts said in an interview, students should work their way through the awkwardness and keep practicing talking to people in person. 



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