Spring 2018 Staff

Eva Wilton

Executive Editor



Eva is a junior at Saint Michael’s College majoring in Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts with a minor in Global Studies. She finds fulfillment in investigating, reporting, and photographing on and off campus. Being raised abroad for the majority of her life has had her develop a passion for photography. When Eva is not in the MJD lab, you will find her either in Tarrant with the Dance Team choreographing new routines, in her suite taking polaroids with her roommates or eating her way throughout the city of Burlington.


Madeline Clark

Senior Editor


Maddie is a senior at St. Michael’s College. She hails from Forked River, New Jersey. Here at St. Mike’s she studies Business Administration with a double minor in French and Media Studies, Journalism, & Digital Arts. Maddie is passionate about writing and reporting. She dreams of joining an investigative news team sometime in the future. When she’s not dashing from studying to classes she can be found riding her beloved bike, the Free Spirit.



Nathan Terry

Managing Editor



Nathan is a junior at St. Michael’s College from Reading, Massachusetts. As a Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts major with a minor in History, he is passionate about reporting and journalism. Nathan enjoys working as a news and sports reporter and hopes to work as a broadcaster in the future. In his free time, Nathan enjoys running and reading, as well as being in the outdoors. Nathan is in his third semester as an editor for The Defender.


Sixiang Chen

International Editor




Sixiang is a junior at St. Michael’s College from Wenzhou, Southern China. He studies Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts major with a minor in Psychology. Sixiang is passionate about doing video and taking photos. His dream is being a director of movie in China in the future. Sixiang is a devout Catholic, per say. In his free time, he’d love to pray in the chapel of SMC and take photos outside. Sometimes, he can be found playing video game in his dorm. His wish, at St. Michael’s College, is making more friends with Americans 🙂


Elizabeth Stapleton

Social Media Editor



Elizabeth is a junior at St. Michael’s College from Westchester, New York. Despite her love for her major, Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She loves maps and her favorite color is yellow until further notice. She thinks film photography is very important and she can’t walk by a section of candles in a store without smelling every single one of them. St. Mike’s is her happy place and she never wants to graduate!


Talia Perrea

Photography Editor



Talia is a sophomore at St. Michael’s College from Mooers, New York. She is a Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts major with a minor in Theatre. She currently has no clue what she wants to do after she graduates, but hopes to gain some perspective on life when she studies abroad next spring. Although Talia has no clue what part of her field he wants to enter, she does hope to work for YouTube one day. Talia is passionate about photography, and will often stop what she’s doing to take a photo. She wouldn’t go as far as to call herself a photographer but her instagram account may say otherwise.



Jess Ward

Lifestyle & Politics Editor



Jess is a junior at St. Michael’s College from Franklin, Massachusetts. She is majoring in Media Studies and Digital Arts, while taking music classes on the side. She has her own radio show on WWPV The Mike, and is a member of the St. Mike’s a Cappella group, Soulful Harmony. Jess wants to work in the music business one day, either as a singer/songwriter herself, or someone behind the scenes. She always has her earbuds in, so ask her about what album she’s obsessing over this week. You can also find Jess trying to pet every dog she sees on Church Street.


Sandra Collopy

Arts & Lifestyle Editor




Sandra is a senior at Saint Michael’s College from Holliston, Massachusetts. She’ll be graduating in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Media Studies minor, and hopefully moving to a city in the northeast. Sandra’s passion for traveling was sparked last spring when she studied abroad in Florence, Italy and she hopes to see more of the world post graduation. In her free time, you can catch her huddled under a blanket reading novels, facetiming her 12-year-old dog, or grabbing coffee with friends.