Glimmers of light in times of darkness

It feels like we live in an increas- ingly dark world. The bright red, yellow, and orange leaves of autumn have fallen and turned to crunchy carcasses. The sun disappears in the late afternoon, and politics continue to divide the nation.Two mass shootings,killer wildfires and an ever-dividedlandscape plague the country. But in the midst of these shadows, there are glimmers of light.

Around 50 million more people voted in this midterm election than in 2014, indicating that people are active- ly trying to make a change. Thirty-four new women won House seats, includ-ing the first two Muslim-Americans, the first two Native American women,and the youngest woman to be elected to Congress at 29 years old. (see story p. 2)

And we have freedom of speech. A group of Russian journalists visited The Defender this month, and remind- ed us that our access to information is a luxury.

Among pieces of giant national news there is a slew of small things ev- ery day in which each of us can pauseto find our own moments of light. The staff reflected on what they’re grateful for to find our own light:

“That my sister Grace is at St. Mike’s with me. She’s my coffee date, my running partner, and my therapist. And for the ten lifelong friends I’ve made.”—Elisabeth O’Donnell ’19

“For my health, my first and last full year playing lacrosse at St. Mike’s free of injury and recovery.”
—Katherine Martin ’19

“I’m thankful for my two youngerbrothers, Owen and Jack, who send mememes consistently all day. I wouldn’t laugh as much if it weren’t for them.”—Elizabeth Stapleton ’19

“I’m thankful for my parents,friends, teammates and professors for helping me throughout my college career, through the good times and thebad.” —Nathan Terry ’19

“I am unconditionally thankful for having the opportunity to come tothe U.S and be part of St. Michael`s community.” —Habeba Ramadan Ali, transfer student

“I am thankful for being blessed to always look at the bright-side of life, even when time gets tough. All of my blessings guide me through all of mychallenges.” —Lance Reynolds ’19

“I’m thankful for the stressfulmoments throughout the semester because they make me so much moregrateful for those moments I can find without stress.” —Stephen Higgins ’20

“Thanks, my God. You have never abandoned me when I was stressful in the extreme. He is the way, the truth,and the life.” —Nick Chen ’19

“I’m thankful for my friends scat- tered across the country. Even thoughI don’t see them as often, I feel lucky Ican still talk to them like nothing haschanged.” —Jack Donahue ’19

“I am thankful that I am lucky enough to wake up every day healthy, safe and knowing that I have loving people supporting me no matterwhat.” —Garrett Finn ’19

“I’m thankful for being part of the 6percent of the world population fortu-nate enough to attend college.”—Brandon Bielinski ’19

There’s plenty of good news amongour community, and we need to take a moment to appreciate it. Share where you find your light on our social channels using #SMCDefender.