Former president works at full salary


You may have seen him around campus, grabbing a quick bite from Alliot with an Edmundite or sipping on coffee at ‘Steins with a student. Although retired, former president John Neuhauser is spending this academic year at St. Michael’s College, still doing some work for the school. Although he is technically retired, Neuhauser is on sabbatical for this academic year and still receives full pay. Neuhauser’s income in 2017 was more than $475,000. When Neuhauser came to St. Michael’s in 2007, he received compensation from both Boston College, where he had been Academic Vice President and St. Michael’s, his income totalling over $1 million dollars, according to a 2009 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

In a recent interview Neuhauser said he often works in assisting President Lorraine Sterritt, going to events she’s unable to attend, and talking to potential donors. For example, next month Neuhauser will be spending a few days in Florida, visiting alums in hopes of their donation to the college.

“I do pretty much whatever Dr. Sterrit would like me to do, so if there’s an event she cannot make, would expect that’s fairly typical of anybody who retires from the college, and not particularly unique to me or my position. Obviously, my connection to prospective donors and alumni is important to the college, and I will continue to do that for as long as I’m able to do so.”

Neuhauser said he enjoys his continuous work for the college, and his opportunity to stay in touch with and assist faculty, Edmundites, and students alike. He usually spends a couple of days a week on campus, meeting with students, and assisting them with senior semester projects or post-graduation matters.

“I would like to spend more time with students, in terms of helping them with graduate school or employment. It would be easier if I had an office to do that,” Neuhauser said. “I tend to go to Einstein’s because that seems to be an easy place to talk. I’m still actively involved with some students I was close to. Of course they’ll be graduating soon, so I imagine that will change a bit.”

Neuhauser explained that a sabbatical year is typical of any retired president, and that even when his sabbatical ends, he still hopes to continue helping students and staff of the college. “I’ll do anything I can for the college for as long as I’m mobile,” Neuhauser said. “I hope that’s a long time.”