The Buzz On Alliot

By Erin Mixon

Sports Editor

New high top tables located in the front and back of Alliot. A great place to eat with your friends. (Erin Mikson)

As a new semester begins the Alliot dining hall has also began renovations to upgrade their look. From new flooring, tables, booths, lounge chairs and couches, Alliot has a dramatically new look, mimicked after the general look of Panera Bread cafes.  

Within the first week back from winter break, the talk around campus centered around the changes”. Students and Alliot workers to see what their personal views were on the renovations had different opinions on what it meant for them.

The lounge area in Alliot is great for relaxing with friends and catching up on homework (Erin Mikson)

Kaelyn Oliver ‘20, said she misses the round tables. “We need more circle tables. It is hard to communicate with a big group of your friends because you can’t see them.”

Alex Vincent ‘19 said she likes the changes because the fresh look makes it more inviting “I feel that if the campus has one place for  students to eat it should be somewhere that is welcoming and nice.”

Students like Emma Coleman ‘21 are unsettled on the choice of carpet in Alliot. The deep navy colored carpet with yellow flowers and colored speckles covers most of the dining hall seating area. “This is a place where people eat and if food is dropped it can get gross.”

Ann Gould, who works in Alliot, said she is thrilled about the new look in Alliot. But she added that unfortunately, the new design of wall space is limited. “We are not allowed to put anything up on the wall, not even our calendars.”