Throwback Thursday: Reflection on earlier days

Then: 1976

Now: 2017

“This picture is from the fall of my sophomore year. I wanted to run cross country and there was no women’s team, so I had to run on the men’s team which actually worked alright I got a lot of races in, and when I could run in a race that had women I could compete as an independent from St. Mike’s and if not I just ran as a team member on the men’s team. In spite of Title 9 which had been in effect for a few years, we didn’t yet have a women’s team here. My senior year was kind of the beginnings of the women’s varsity team. And then there were other young women who wanted to run. It was an interesting experience!”

-Joan Wry
Associate Professor of English


Then: 1982

Now: 2017

“This is from fall of 1982, and I was in a production that one of my professors didn’t write, but adapted. I played this character called the draper and he was interested in selling people fabric for too much money and kind of all about himself…and I’m amazed by my eyebrows!”

-Peter Harrigan
Professor of Fine Arts


Then: 1990

Now: 2017

“This was a growing time for St. Mike’s, and I think that was exciting, rather than the cut backs we are seeing now. There were things being added and we were trying to figure out how we fit within all of those things. So it wasn’t entirely different but certainly mental attitude about how you went about your day, what you were thinking, who you were interacting with. Everything was a possibility then and that was exciting.”

-Sue Kuntz
Professor of Psychology


Then: 1991

Now: 2017

“I’m kind of a guy that’s in the moment. I’m most happy where I’m at. I’ve had a lot of people ask me back in the years what was my best team or which was my best residence life staff because I’ve had 37 years of residence life staffs and I have a hard time pin-pointing any of it. I’m just so grateful for Saint Michael’s for my experience, for my family’s experience and for the Catholic nature of St. Mike’s. It’s so important to me and my development as an individual.”

-Lou Dimasi
Director of Residence Life


Then: 1995

Now: 2017

“[The senior citizens prom] was a like the event, and the rugby team was a large portion of the volunteers, but it was always in the international commons where it took up a big chunk of time to set up. The folks that would come would be the ones that would come every year, so you really got to know them very well. There was a guy during my time there was like a 90 year old man from one of the local nursing homes from Ireland and he would always sing Danny Boy…I just remember a lot of laughter especially with MOVE things, there is so much laughter in those times. And that’s still very true today.”

-Heidi St. Peter
Assistant Director of Academic Support


Then: Early 2000’s

Now: 2017

“Students are very different, very different. I often joke, I have all the old exams I used to give, but if I gave the same exam now, students wouldn’t be able to do them. And I say it with a little bit of sadness that most students wouldn’t be able to do them even though I am the same person and the content is the same. Students also just didn’t need to be entertained as much, they were content, a little bit more content than students today. It’s just a generational shift too I think. There was no Canvas, none of that. So you would share an article either as a copy in class or you would say they are on reserve at the library. So what happened was the pace of interaction and expectations were different and therefore the way we all interacted was different. There wasn’t always this sort of heightened expectation and frenzy and I wonder, why do we have that?”

-Tara Natajaran
Professor and Chair of Economics