Oh the places you’ll go…

Up to 40 percent of St. Michael’s students decide to study abroad each year. This semester there are 80 students abroad in approximately 32 countries, some students doing multi-country programs and a handful doing study away programs within the United States. But for those who have returned and those thinking about fall 2016, Peggy Imai, Director of Study Abroad, said procrastination has taken hold. Here’s what you need to know:

  • More people study abroad in the spring than the fall.
  • Global Eyes: Imai said she isn’t surprised that there is a small pool of photo submissions for the study abroad photography competition at this point, but the February 5 deadline looms. Imai said that students always seem to wait until the last minute to submit applications for both the photo contest and to apply to go abroad. Selection of the top photos is made by a committee of St. Michael’s staff and local artists that meet to debate the merits of each photo. The awards ceremony will be held in April but finalists will all be on display in the Durick Library by March 28.
  • Fall 2016: For those who are applying to study abroad in the fall of this year, Imai encourages students to be proactive, explaining that for some programs, there are limited amounts of space and once they fill up, you get put on a waiting list which doesn’t guarantee that you are accepted for the program. She adds that when you apply early, the worry of wondering if you are accepted doesn’t linger because you will hear back sooner.
  • Alternatives: For those who cannot dedicate an entire semester to being abroad, there are a handful of programs that St. Michael’s offers that takes students over winter and summer breaks all over the world. Students can choose to study with a specific program or through the school with a professor.
  • Brazil anyone? While updates of the Zika virus have been dominating the news, Imai is not worried about the new Brazil trip being canceled. Professors Delaney and Seale are leaving today to check out the areas they will be visiting this summer.